Who am I?

My name is Eric Proegler. I am Context-Driven.

I have worked in software testing for 16 years, and specialized in performance and reliability testing for 13. I’ve recently joined SOASTA, a cloud-based performance testing service. Before that, I worked for a national performance testing consultancy. I speak only for myself here on this blog.


As a tester, I design and conduct experiments that use synthetic load to help customers assess and reduce risk, validate architecture and engineering, and evaluate compliance with non-functional systems requirements. I’ve tested in a wide variety of contexts, using tools appropriate to the job at hand. Some of the applications I’ve tested include a PaaS Cloud Provisioning Portal, Oracle E-Business R12 upgrades, a 20,000 concurrent user mobile game, a SaaS Agile Project Management application, and various E-Commerce sites. I’ve worked with APM (Application Performance Management) tools to work on extending Performance analysis of systems, to make performance a continuous activity integrated with modern development, deployment, and operations contexts.

Previously, I worked in the Electronic Content Management space. I spent 10 years leading Performance Engineering for a vendor, presenting at technical conferences, writing white papers and support policies, designing technical implementations, and taking technical leadership in Advanced Capture (OCR) solutions. I’ve spent a few more years in sales engineering, solution design, and information management consulting.

I work with Speak Easy to mentor new conference speakers and increase diversity in testing conferences. I’m an organizer for WOPR, the Workshop on Performance and Reliability, and a Community Advisory Board member for STPCon. I’ve presented and facilitated at CAST, WOPR, STPCon, PNSQC, and STiFS. After last year’s CAST, I formed the AST Committee on Standards and Professional Practices to help AST engage with issues affecting our profession as a professional trade organization. I am engaged with issues around tester certification and testing standards to help our community best respond to these economic tactics.

I’m a former member of the ISO 171 Technical Advisory Group, US delegation to ISO TC 171, Document Management Applications. I’ve completed the Black Box Software Testing Foundations course.

In my free time, I spend time with my family, read, see lots of stand-up comedy and live music, seek out street food from all over, play video games, and follow professional basketball.