Manager of Testing – That’s one way to get the QA out of your title.

Some of you were aware that I have been investigating a potential new role at Hyland (*gasp* I just said where I worked!!1!1!!! more on that later). I asked for, and received a flood of ideas, concerns and contacts to reach out to. As best as I can tell, there are too many positions exactly like the one I ended up in. Not that I’m claiming a world first or something, but the role focuses on things that a lot of people (imho) already do, just not as their primary role.

So as of this week, I am officially the first ever Manager of Testing at Hyland Software. No, that isn’t what I was before; that was the Quality Assurance Manager of Workflow. Previously, I managed a team of testers responsible for a portion of the product. Now, well, now I have a giant list of responsibilities that I created. Oh, and instead of testers reporting to me, I have our two awesome internal QA Education team. (I will give you a dollar if either of you see and read this). Luckily, when I wrote my position plan, I didn’t attach time frames to most of these, so I don’t /have/ to get them all done this year.

Here are some of the responsibilities I will be focusing on:

– Study serious issues that make it into production to look for patterns that are correctable or reducible, on the Dev and Test side of things
– Promote testing internally – make our testers aware of the opportunities they have to improve their skills and help them become better testers
– Promote testing externally – continue to build a network of testers locally (and not), by promoting testing in my community, and by working to make Hyland a destination for career minded testers
– Attend conferences and training (at least four a year) – I booked 2014 out before I got this written into my position plan, but having it be “work time” will definitely help
– Review conferences and conference sessions and help choose who gets to go to what, and what they have to do with the things they learn when they get back
– Bring new testing ideas in to the company from conferences,  meet ups, blogs, articles, books, and external training
– Create and run internal training on testing techniques and other needed skills
– Shadow new testers in the department to review their abilities and supply feedback to them and their manager
– Shadow teams in the department to offer feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and suggest or build specialized training for them
– Oh, and did I mention I wrote in 20% time to test?

As of right now, I am super overwhelmed. I haven’t even started yet and I already have a ton of ideas running through my head. First up, I need to create a short talk based on the results of two issues we found recently. Second I need to finish my talk for QA or the Highway (I promise Joe, I’ll have something). After that, it’s full on doing the awesome stuff.

Oh, and with this position change, I will be able to pay a little better attention to Twitter. I really do see that as one of my primary avenues for learning (about) new ideas.

Thank you again to everyone that helped me over the past couple of months. And thank you in advance to everyone that I will be asking for help in the future.