What the hell am I thinking, OR, Why I’m running for the AST board

As you probably deduced from the title, I am running for the board of directors of AST. If you already think I am a worthy candidate, feel free to go about your day–assuming you remember to vote for me when the election gets under way in a few weeks. Otherwise, please keep reading.

I suppose you can take this as a kind of stump speech.

In short, I want to see AST do more.

That enough for you? No? OK then.

In… long(?), I attribute much of what I am today to the CAST conference, the BBST courses offered by AST and the people I met from both. I appreciate what AST has accomplished so far, but I want more.

  • Only getting to have the CAST experience once a year is a real drag. I would like to see AST host smaller, regional conferences in addition to CAST.
  • I have so far taken part in one of the BBST courses, and it was one of the most intense learning experiences I have been through. I want more people to learn what this material has to offer.
  • The AST grant program has helped with a number of special events and meetups. But the number is so small it’s frustrating.

Do I have a five point plan to carry out any of these? No. So why do I think you should vote for me? Why do I think I should be on the board?

  • I have worked with a number of current board members in different capacities over the past few years and have yet to find anyone in the group that I cannot get along with.
  • I have been told that I have built a reputation as someone who can get things done. When I didn’t like the direction of my local professional tester organization, I joined its board and helped change it. When I didn’t like the lack of tester meetups in my area, I started NOTiCE. When my company needed to stop talking about redesigning our internally built bug tracking system and start doing, I got the project started.

So Erik, you’re saying you did all of these things, and because of YOU they all succeeded? Well.. no. But I will say that all of these things are where they are today because I gave a shit and got involved. Did I know how I was going to be involved when I jumped in? No. But that’s not a bad thing (imo). For NOSQAA, I am the lead of the programs committee, I’m not the programs committee. I have a team of people that I work with. When I started NOTiCE… OK I went it alone. I found out after a while that I needed some help with various parts so I found co-organizers. As for that internal project, I ended up handing it off after almost a year. In the end, I wasn’t the right person to keep the project going, and I realized that.  But, I was in the right state of mind at the right time to get the thing rolling.

My point is I feel that I can work with the current board, get along with any newly elected board members, and help get things done for AST.

Whether or not I am elected, I plan on continuing to work with AST on a number of initiatives. If I am elected, it will be that much easier to get things done.

The full list of nominees for the AST board is available here.