What a long strange trip it’s been

I like to think I roll with changes pretty easily anymore. Even so, there is a change I have avoided for a long time. A few of you know just how long I have been trying to ignore this one. I’m nowhere close to Alan Page‘s level, and since I prefer to get things out of the way early…

After 14 years at Hyland Software, I am leaving. My last day is February 24th.

My time at Hyland has encompassed the vast majority of my time in testing and leadership, as well as the majority of my professional career. I don’t count my time working in the stock room of a Pier 1 Imports in college. I’ve held a number of positions at Hyland (seven in fact) and learned something from all of them.

I may write more at some point to give more backstory, but the short of it is I feel like I need something new. I need a change. Moving to a completely new place, with new people, and new approaches to things will help me continue to grow as an individual.

I am sad to leave. I will miss many, many people, but I hope to stay in touch with the ones I have built the strongest relationships with over the years.

As for me, right now I have a plan, but nothing lined up. I have a few more weeks on the clock, and enough of a buffer to allow some time to figure out what I want, and hopefully find it.

I’m excited at the possibilities I have before me.

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